Friday 10 December 2010

Jeremy and the four teeth

Where did all the weeks go? Once again it is 2 months from the last blog post and time has zipped by again. I seem to have been travelling for work every second week (Tasmania, Melbourne twice, Brisbane and I just got back from Wellington in NZ).

The full photo album is available via the following link: Oct-Nov 2010.

Jeremy's first tentative steps quickly turned into walking in early October. Initially he was happy to take my hand and take a few steps. However, he was soon picking himself up and taking a few steps and then falling down to crawl again to follow me or Ruby. It did not take him too long to work out walking from one end of the house to the other without falling over (though his walking style for a while was very zombie like). Now he is almost as quick as us getting around the house.

In October I finally installed 4 magnetic cupboard locks (these need to be unlocked using a magnetic key) which have stopped Jeremy getting into parts of the kitchen. I have purchased another 4, but have not installed them as yet. In fact Jeremy has "discovered" the packet in one of the non-locked drawers and likes to run off with it. For the moment the existing locks and the couple of drawers with his stuff in them have stopped the fascination with the remainder of the kitchen.

Jeremy's first 4 teeth came in one at a time. Although he was a bit grumpy and had a small amount of drool getting each of these it was not too much hassle (compared to what we have heard from other parents). However, the next 4 teeth came all at once! It did not seem to bother him too much (his sleep was not too disturbed). However, he was drooling so much that, according to daycare, he was leaving wet patches on the floor. Daycare was even needing to change his clothes on most days as they were getting so wet!

We were surprised when daycare invited us to a 6 month parent-teacher interview in early November. It was kinda interesting as I really had no idea of what they were doing at daycare (all they tell us at the end of the day is that he has eaten well…again). We found out they keep a scrapbook of what he has been up to (it includes lots of photos). Jeremy has started to bring home artwork which I am, of course, proudly displaying (out his reach) on the fridge. Daycare also told us they are practising for the end of year concert in December. We are wondering what Jeremy will do, but we have noticed that he has started clapping. Sometimes he claps following us clapping or to music, he clapped and danced to the title music when we watched Star Wars last weekend.

In early November, on a weekend trip to Mudgee, we took Jeremy to the Zig Zag railway. I had been on the restored steam train a number of times since I was very little and I thought Jeremy might enjoy it too, especially as he has recently been fascinated with the weekly garbage truck and the demolishing of the house across the road. As it was near lunchtime he was a bit grumpy but also with the train taking over an hour it was a bit much for him. Maybe we will try again when he is a bit older.

Towards the end of November we took Jeremy back to Sanctuary Point. We partly wanted a break, but also wanted to take him to the beach. On Saturday afternoon we took him for a swim in the warm shallow waters of St George's Basin. He absolutely loved it as you can see from the following 2 videos:

Unfortunately we did not get to take him to Vincentia beach as on the Sunday morning it started to rain (was the beginning of the really wet week in NSW where Mudgee saw 120mm of rain in one morning). Perhaps later in the summer…

A few projects around the house were, finally, finished in November. The curtains which we ordered in August (before we had moved in) were finally installed on Melbourne cup day. We did discover (with the brief burst of hot weather in mid November) that curtains did a good job of blocking out heat, but also the bedrooms needed fans to help cool them. Jeremy's room does not get much breeze event with the windows wide open. Hopefully the fans will be installed (apart from the last couple of days it has been rainy even since we bought them) sometime after christmas.

The other job that was finally done last week (after a bit of disorganisation/procrastination on my part) was the installation of a dishwasher which required a builder to come in and modify our kitchen cupboards. At the same time he also fixed part of the western fascia board which which was rotting. That is only the first part of the job, the next bit is to scrape back the remainder of the fascia board, spray on some wood hardener, patch, sand an paint. Easy!

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