Thursday 17 November 2011

Potty Humor

We have been so busy I did not post at Timothy's 1 month so this month as a bonus you get 2 albums instead of 1!


The full photo albums are available via the following links: Timothy Birth to 1 Month and Oct to Nov 2011

On 15 September our son Timothy Maxwell Estrella Blake was born by c-section. Ruby had wanted to try for a natural birth this time, but Timothy had been transverse since about 36 weeks so our OB had booked in a c-section. The birth itself was over rather quickly, we turned up at hospital just after 7, chatted to the OB and the anaesthetist at 8 and Timothy was born at 8.42am. At first glance he was a big boy, but it was only when he was being weighed and a crowd of nurses gathered round that I knew something was up. Timothy's birth weight was 5.2kg, length of 57cm and head circumference of 39cm (for comparison Jeremy was 3.7kg, 52cm and head 35.5cm). The mid-wife even had me ring up the operating theatre and tell everyone there how much he weighed.

Timothy was definitely not coming out naturally! A 39cm head is about as big as they get, and no wonder he could not move from being transverse. This time around Ruby's recovery was much quicker and she was up an walking around 36 hours after the surgery instead of the day we left hospital. Ruby's room was also in the new maternity wing at Westmead (instead of being well away like last time) which meant her calls were answered. As she was doing so well we were able to stay at the Rydges near Rosehill racecourse for the last 2 nights.

See also Jeremy at 1 month...

This time around I took 5 weeks leave in anticipation of Ruby needing a similar amount of help to Jeremy's birth. However, Ruby's recovery was a lot faster this time (I think I could have gone back to work after 3 weeks).

Whilst home we did try to get Jeremy potty trained. Some initial progress was made but he does not tell us he wants to use the toilet until after he has already filled up his nappy! However, last week I suggested to him that he have a shower instead of a bath - he could not wait to get in and play with the falling water. Hmmm no more baths for Jeremy?
I did make good use of the 5 weeks, the new garage project was started, but more on that in the new year when construction starts...
Timothy is doing well. His feeds were much quicker than Jeremy's and at first we were worried, but when he kept putting on weight we decided he was just more efficient than Jeremy. Clothes turned out to be a bit fun too. Partly due to the colder spring and due to his size he did not have much in the way of warmer clothes...that fit! We haven't measured him for a couple of weeks however, he was about 6 weeks in front of Jeremy (who had a massive growth spurt between 2 and 3 months).
Lots of other stuff has been going on, but I will let the photos tell the story. Now onto Christmas...