Monday 11 October 2010

Steps in the right direction

The past 2 months have been a whirlwind of packing, painting, moving, unpacking, birthday-ing and voting. There have been few weekends where there has not been something on or either of our parents staying in the guest room.

The full photo album is available via the following link: Aug-Sep 2010.

Most of August was spent getting ready to move into our new house. We organised to move early on Saturday 21st August which left us 4 days to do any work on the house after getting the keys late on the 16th. Our plan was to get both our room and Jeremy's room painted as well as doing some baby proofing in the kitchen. Unfortunately it took us a lot longer to paint the rooms (3 coats were needed due to us not putting the first coat on very well) so the baby proofing was not done (still hasn't actually!).

By comparison the move on the 21st was amazingly quick. The movers came in at 7am, loaded up their truck by 8 and everything was out by 9.15. We managed to get most of our stuff unpacked in the 2 weeks before Jeremy's 1st birthday party.  However, its those pesky 5% of remaining boxes that are the hardest!

Jeremy's birthday went well, despite the rainy weather and he had a great time (including getting first hands on the cake). I am still a bit overwhelmed with the number of presents he received! And no he did not start walking before his birthday. He is very keen to pull himself up on things and is trying to take a step or two from a table to a chair. Jeremy can stand by himself, most of the time he just does it without thinking, but as soon as he notices he sits back down. With a bit of encouragement he has taken a few shuffles (on the 30th September at 7.15pm) and this weekend he does take my hand and walk with me for a couple of steps.

Just before Jeremy's birthday Ruby received good news. She was accepted into a research position at Macquarie Uni and would start on the 13th September. This meant we needed to get Jeremy into day care and more importantly getting him used to going! Fortunately we had approached the local day care (only 2 blocks away) earlier in the year and they still had a spot for us. We started him out slowly (1 day a week, then 2 days etc).

At first it was hard leaving him there as he always cried when I left (it is my job to drop him off). However, the day care always told us he was fine after we left and he was a hungry boy and always ate all his lunch (then again eating has never really been a problem for Jeremy!). Now when I drop him off he races off to play with a toy or one of the other kids and I think he is settling in well.

The downside of daycare (or The Centre for Children's Biological Warfare) is that is all of us have been sick for the past couple of weeks with some variant of runny noses or coughing. We had to take Jeremy to the doctor last Friday as we were a bit concerned about his cough and he was either pulling at his neck or ear. Turned out he had an ear infection so he is on his first dose of anti-biotics. In a couple of months our immunity "should" build up...

Jeremy has also taken to pushing his walker around the house which I captured in the following video.

Jeremy pushing the walker from Ben Blake on Vimeo.

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