Wednesday 9 February 2011

Jeremy: Part Leprecharn

Jeremy really enjoyed his 2nd christmas! Have a look at the photos below:

The full photo album is available via the following link: Dec 2010-Jan2011

and our 2010 comic is available from this link: 2010 Comic.

December was a fun month, but it was still busy! Fortunately most of my travel was over (though work did send me to NZ for a couple of days) but lots of other stuff was happening each weekend. First up Ruby's mother's group had a combined xmas party and then Ruby's brother Elvin visited from the Seattle. Luckily Elvin was here as he was able to baby sit Jeremy while Ruby and I went to the U2 360 concert. January was quiet, but hot...record breaking hot...

For Ruby's birthday we had breakfast at Pancakes on the Rocks (where Jeremy ate half my pancake and all my fried bananas!). Then we took Jeremy on the ferry into the city where we had a look at the christmas decorations (David Jones ones were not as good as last 2009) and Ruby was able to have a taste of macaroons at the Lindt cafe.

We had a quiet christmas in our new home with my parents and brother. By this time Jeremy had worked out how to unwrap presents without too much help. For the most part he had more fun opening the presents than initially playing with them and we did manage to stretch the opening the presents over 4 days. However, a couple of the presents were a hit - bath toys from grandma and a hammer and block set. Interestingly he also was keen on my brother's geological hammer!

Ruby was also able to make great use of Skype and her mom and dad watched Jeremy open their present for him. In fact he and they had great fun watching each other on Skype for nearly an hour...

Jeremy has become very mischievous of late. When he knows he is going somewhere he should not he always looks back to see if we are watching him. Usually followed by a cheeky grin. He also really likes playing with my keys and not only does he try to get them out of my pocket, but he has moved on and has now grabs my wallet!

He has "discovered" his belly button and we have a fun game where I try to touch it with my finger (usually with lots of giggles on his part). However, this game has been extended. Jeremy now tries to pull up my t-shirt at the shops and poke me in the belly button (which of course he thinks is hilarious). At a friend's house warming one of the kids had their shirt off and was talking to one of the adults, Jeremy just walks up and calmly pokes the kid in the belly button. The adults laughed more than Jeremy!

Around the house we have been getting a few jobs done. We organised for electricians to come in and install ceiling fans (just in time too for the hot weather in late Jan / early Feb), our dining room light from Robert St and a couple of power points (now the dishwasher does not have to run via an extension cord. I have also installed automatic timers and droppers in the front and back gardens which means I can now start a veggie garden.

This past weekend we decided to take Jeremy to the beach on the south coast at Jervis Bay. Turns out this was a very good idea as Saturday night was the hottest overnight temp on record in Sydney. While it was still 40C late on Saturday at Jervis Bay, a cool change came through which made sleeping much easier. Jeremy had a great time at Vincentia beach on Saturday afternoon (along with dozens of other people trying to cool off) once he got over the water being a bit cold. He didn't want to get out, even though he was shivering. A cooler change and rain arrived on Sunday around lunchtime which meant we didn't get to go back to the beach.

Jeremy is only part leprechaun? Well for starters he has that mischievous grin. However, there is part energiser bunny in there too with all the running around he now does (daycare agrees on this one!). And he hasn't told us where his pot of gold is, but neither do leprechauns...

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