Monday 2 July 2007


I was excited about going to watch the new live action Transformers movie as I remember watching the tv show as a kid (and the cartoon movie) as well as having the toys (Bumblebee and Jazz are the two I remember). However, I was a bit worried as I found out the director was Michael Bay who had directed the woeful Pearl Harbour, but only a bit as he had also done the fun Armageddon, The Rock and Bad Boys.

Well overall this movie was not only fun, but was everything a blockbuster should be and was exciting too! Now I am disappointed that Bumblebee was not a VW Beetle as he was in the toys and tv show. However, this was not too bad as instead he was a very cool 5th gen Camaro.

In fact this was probably the best movie we have seen recently so just go an see it :)

Oh and not to detract from the movie, but there is some dumb Hollywood science in it. Have a look at (spoiler warning) the Bad Astronomy review.

Ben: 4 stars, Ruby 5 stars

Ocean's 13

Another one in the many sequels released this year (still have Harry Potter and Die Hard 4.0 to go). Now in this case the previous installment, Ocean's 12, was just plain dull and really should have been a reason not to make a further one. However, in this case I am glad they did. 13, whilst nowhere near as good as Ocean's 11, is an enjoyable sequel. There are some bits where it falls flat, but overall it was fun.

Ben: 3 stars, Ruby 3 stars