Thursday 6 September 2012

Potty Training II: Ups and downs

OK so it has been a while since the last blog post (longest since I started these after Jeremy was born). This covers everything from April up until our recent trip to the USA (which I am hoping to get a blog out about shortly).

The full photo album is available via the following link: April - July 2012

I have found it harder and harder to write a blog post recently. This is part due to having less time due to having 2 kids keeping both of us busy and then being much more tired in the evening. In April I also had a major problem with iPhoto where it would not recognise the library file and it took me several weeks to restore everything. There has also been a restructure at my work in June and I have been very busy ever since. Finally, I had written a full blog post yesterday and for some reason Google/Blogger did not save it (grrrrrr).

Over the Easter long weekend we made a 2nd attempt at potty training Jeremy. This time he was ready and he was mostly trained by the end of the 4 days. However, he did have several lapses in the following months and even though we tried to encourage him to go to the toilet he has shouted back at us "No! Toilet!". He has also been banned from sitting on the couch due to a several accidents.

In late May we changed from using disposable nappies for Timothy to using cloth ones. Originally I thought cloth nappies were the terry towelling ones which you had to pin on - this is what was used in the hospital for the first nappy for both boys. The ones which Ruby had found were much more advanced with highly absorbent materials and velcro/snaps to join them together. In the end, the move to using cloth nappies did not add too much extra work and we have significantly reduced the amount of garbage we are putting out each week.

Timothy is developing well and is interacting with us much more. We are now getting more smiles and even giggles out of him - though he takes a while to "warm up" to anyone else (including the grandparents!). He has also started crawling several months back and he is now very quick. He can easily follow us around the house (we have been surprised that he was just behind us a couple of times). Recently he has started climbing on the furniture to try and stand up.

The moment he started climbing I disassembled his cot and moved the base down to its lowest level so he could not climb out. At the same time I took the opportunity to move the cot into Jeremy's room from the guest room. Both boys being in the same room is working ok and there have only been a few occasions when they have kept each other awake - mainly when they both were finding something very funny...