Wednesday 4 August 2010

The calm before the storm

This has been a busy month, but it will be even busier next month...

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Most of the past month has been spent getting ready for the move to our new house and preparing our current place for rental. We found out early last week that the current owners want to settle 2 weeks earlier so we have had to quickly get lots of documents signed and start organising removalists.

We did get a break from house stuff in mid July with a weekend away in Canberra to go to a baptism. As with all our trips to Canberra we try to go and see something new. This time we took Jeremy to see the Deep Space Communications complex at Tidbinbilla on a freezing but clear Sunday morning and took some great photos.

Jeremy's 2nd tooth looks to be on the way and he is needing less and less support to stand up. Not sure if he will be walking by his birthday next month, but if not it will be very soon after. He has also started climbing up the stairs, but has a bit of trouble getting down again. Our new house is only on a single level and apart from  painting the bedrooms we will be baby-proofing (well trying to) as much as we can. Anything in our current place has been temporary (like moving items higher which only buys a short amount of time).

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Peter M said...

Nice photos Ben. Amazed how fast Jeremy is growing.