Wednesday 7 July 2010

Jeremy and the stinky nuggets

Two months has really zipped by and a lot has happened! So much for being back on track...

Check out the full photo album at May - June 2010 and the 3 videos: Proper crawling, At the Kitchen Gate and Sitting up at the stairs.

I turned 35 in May and I was looking forward to my birthday. Unfortunately it was overshadowed by Ruby having a severe gall bladder attack that same week and 2 weeks later having surgery for its removal. Ruby required about a week to recover so I took a week off work to take care of both her and Jeremy. It was very similar to after Jeremy was born with Ruby being unable to carry Jeremy along with the added bonus of Ruby only being able to eat soft foods! Fortunately she has fully recovered (fully cleared at her 3 week checkup) and is starting to eat normal foods again.

When we came back from the USA we decided to hunt for a new house so we could have a bit more space and a backyard for Jeremy to run around in. So most of the Saturdays in the past couple of months were taken up looking at houses in the local area. By the time of Ruby's surgery we were really getting tired of house hunting and the options had really been drying up (we had missed one place in mid May as we did not have our finances sorted out). Both of us being home in early June meant we talked more about what we wanted in a new house and we realised that one place we had looked at around my birthday could actually have been what we were looking for. We took another look the following Saturday and in the next week we had finance sorted, made an offer and signed the contract.

Our new house (we handed over the deposit last Thursday) is only a couple of blocks from where we currently live in Telopea. It is on a corner block, all freshly painted and carpeted, new kitchen, with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms (one being an ensuite), carport, garage and a nice sunroom. There's a huge gum tree out front to provide shade from the western sun and plenty of north facing roof to be able to put in some solar panels (if the gum tree doesn't shade the roof too much). We settle in mid August, which is just in time for us to move in, fix a few things and prepare for Jeremy's first birthday and our housewarming party.

Jeremy had a number of firsts recently and we were able to catch them since we were both home (as well as video them). He now has his first tooth on the lower left front (you can just see it in this photo). Also, there is no more slithering across the living room as he has finally starting to crawl properly.  It is amazing to see how fast he can get across the living room and get into the furniture, photo albums and even the home entertainment components (good fun really with lots of wires and lights!).  He is also pulling himself up to standing on clothes racks and even his highchair and we think it will not be long before he is walking. We have already had to quickly adjust his cot so he does not climb out. Nothing is safe anymore and we started moving breakables and non-baby friendly items away from his reach.

On the food front Jeremy has moved quickly away from purees. We can now hand him large slices of banana or strawberries or slices of toast and he will happily pick those up off his tray and munch away. We are slowly weaning him and he is down to 2 breastfeeds per day and is even eating some of the same foods as us such as shepherd's pie and risotto. After many weeks of trying he is now drinking some of the water we give him.

Oh and why the "Stinky Nuggets" title? With the move to mainly solid food, his poo has become solid and very stinky which I call his stinky nuggets (as a breastfed baby there was not much poo smell in the first 6 months).

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Emeraldflare said...

he is so adorable!!! good to hear Ruby is well again, please send her my love :)