Tuesday 4 May 2010

Commando crawling

This month we are (nearly) back on schedule with the blog update.

Check out the full photo album at April 2010.

At the end of March we took Jeremy on his first trip to Sanctuary Point south of Sydney and while there took him to the beach for the first time. At both Austinmer and Vincentia (where I probably first had a dip in the ocean as a kid) we took him down to the water's edge to get his feet wet. Even though it was not too cold, he really didn't like going in the water! Funnily enough he was very interested in the waves going in and out, just as long as he was not in the water. Maybe next year...

The variety of Jeremy's food and amount has increased quickly during April. It did not take him long to get up to 3 solid meals per day and he is basically eating at the same time as us for breakfast, lunch and dinner. So far he hasn't really refused anything we have given him unless he is full. For his food we have been making our own vegetable or fruit mash or purées, though just recently we started him on yoghurt.
On the other hand, he has not really taken to drinking water. We are sure he drinks some of it, but he seems to enjoying spitting the rest back at us...

He is putting all that solid food to good use! Midway through April Jeremy turned his roll / stretch into a drag crawl (more like a commando crawl). He can do a kind of push up as well get up off his tummy as if he is going to crawl but just he sways from side to side and then goes back onto his tummy. Not that dragging along the floor is slowing him down, he now tries to chase after us. A number of things in our lounge and family rooms have had to be moved as he has found these much more interesting than his toys!

Jeremy commando crawling from Ben Blake on Vimeo.

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Cannwin said...

so cute! Out of four children I have only ever had one who commando crawled and she was a pro! It's a stage I was always sad about when the others missed.