Monday 4 January 2010

Jeremy's First Christmas

Another month has zipped by and now we are in a new year and decade. During December Jeremy had his first visit to Santa, first visit to the beach, first train ride and he did a great job opening his xmas presents.

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We started December by taking Jeremy to see Santa and he sat on his knee very calm and collected (no smiles though!). A new baby for our friend Themy gave us a great excuse to take Jeremy to the beach for the first time.

Jeremy's first trip on a train was into the city so we could sort out his US Passport. He loved going on the train and did not want to just sit in his pram, but look out the window over my shoulder and take in all of Sydney zipping by. Whilst it was a rather miserable day in the city we had a look at both the David Jones windows and Myer's Santaland. Jeremy was not too interested, but we will probably go back and look again this year (but a bit earlier in December, rather than the week before xmas!).

We celebrated xmas in Sydney with our family. Jeremy was actually quite good at opening presents once I had given him part of the paper to hold onto. However, he was not too interested in the presents themselves, instead he just wanted to munch on the paper.

In December we tried getting Jeremy to self settle as we realised he was going too heavy soon to settle by comforting him on the shoulder. This has largely turned out to be successful We know that if he is not asleep at 8-9 mins after putting him down he won't go to sleep without another cuddle (or 10!).

We ended 2009 on the central coast where Jeremy was able to see his first fireworks. The Wangi fireworks were excellent and we were far enough away they were not too loud.

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