Wednesday 3 February 2010

Rolling over and laughing!

This month Jeremy learnt to roll over and laugh with us, well not at the same time!

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Actually he has only learnt how to roll from his back to his front and not back again.  A couple of mornings I have found Jeremy on his tummy, sometimes situated 90-270 degrees from the original position when we tucked him in for bed. Its a bit scary too as we never know how long he's been that way, sometimes he gets so tired from tummy time that he just face-plants himself into the bed. So, from now on we check him more often just after we put him to bed. He can also self-settle into sleeping now too which is great!

As for laughing, check out this video. After mother's group last wednesday, we visited my Auntie Vergie who was playing with Jeremy causing him to laugh. The next day, I tried the same trick and got him to laugh some more. He doesn't do it all the time, but it was neat to have caught it on camera.

Jeremy received both his passports in January: Australian and American, which made it possible to book our tickets to the US. We are looking forward to visiting my family in Seattle, but more importantly some Jeremy-free time as Lola offered to do a lot of babysitting. I don't think she will leave him out of her sight!

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Peter M said...

Great photos Ben, and good that you are all doing so well! :-)