Friday 4 December 2009

You had me at hello!

November was a busy month for us and Jeremy has once again surprised us with how much he has grown (last week he was over 7kg and 65cm long) and now fits into size 00 clothes. Click on the following link to go to our November photos and video.

November 2009 Photos

Compare how Jeremy has grown over the past couple of months!

Jeremy had his first trip to visit his grandparents in Mudgee (and we worked out how much to pack in the car). The following weekend Jeremy had his first Thanksgiving in Canberra with his godparents Phil and Allelie. It also turned out to be a good weekend to be away from Sydney with temperatures only 30 C compared to Sydney's 42! His godparents also gave him a toy caterpillar which always brings out smiles and chuckles.

Jeremy also said his first word (see this video, or go to the photo album link above). We are also pretty sure he has said a few "yeah's" as well in the past couple of weeks. Jeremy is also doing very well on the sleep front and is now regularly sleeping though the night (well ok, he does wake up at 5-530am!).

This month Ruby finally joined a mother's group (Parramatta council finally organised something) and that is going well as they have met every week since. Jeremy has made a lot of new friends amongst the other babies in the group.

We also discovered this month how useful the parents room at the big shopping centres are. Not only can we change Jeremy, they also have a private are where mums can breastfeed. This makes shopping trips so much easier. Whilst it is on the wrong floor for most of the shops we normally visit, the Parramatta parent's room is by far the best.

On the nappy front Jeremy has tried out the Toys'R'Us nappies which were very good (and a reasonable price). Our experience with the Aldi nappies were not so good as Ruby found she kept on getting blowouts. Ruby also discovered Sorbies which are quite good and come with both daytime and nighttime nappies. We also stocked up on the next size of Huggies for the upcoming months, we can't believe that Jeremy can now fit into Crawler (6-11kg) size nappies!


Emily said...

Hi guys - all looks great!

Hoipefully we will be able to visit one of these days - we haven't had any time free with trying to organise all the other bits and pieces going on!

Thinking of you, hope that everything is going well.

Emeraldflare said...

hi there,
Congratulations to you & Ruby! Jeremy is so cute :o)
wow PhD (tick) baby (tick) - way to go Ruby!!!

love from Nga (friend of Ruby and Rachael from Peptech)