Tuesday 3 November 2009

Jeremy: Month 2!

The first month with Jeremy was quite busy with all the family visiting. By comparison our 2nd month was much quieter, with the only big change was I went back to work. Jeremy has really grown bigger (at his 7 week checkup he weighed in at 5.3kg and 70cm long) and is now interacting with us more each day.

Jeremy started smiling back at us just after the 1 month mark. On one occasion several weeks back when I was changing him he pee'd all over himself (and his I Love Dad onesie) and then gave me a big grin! Now in the time after his feed he is now much more playful and loves bouncing away on his bouncinette. We have both been playing music to him during this time which he enjoys. Ruby is playing him lots of U2 although I am trying out a much larger selection...

Now that he has had his first batch of immunisations we have started taking him to the shops with us which for the most part he enjoys (unless he is hungry, filled his nappy or is asleep!). In the last week or so he has tried to communicate with us with lots of ah's and cooing, I was lucky enough to catch him in a really talkative mood as a movie last Sunday (which I included in the album).

Up until a few weeks ago we had been fine with nappies for Jeremy as Ruby had received a large number of newborn sized Huggies at her baby shower. We did not have any larger sizes so when he was about 6 weeks old we decided to try out a couple of different brands. Most other parents had advised to go with Huggies overnight and Aldi nappies during the day. Ruby had noticed a US brand, Pampers Swaddlers, had recently become available here so we gave that a try first (hey it was on salee). They are very good and at least equal to Huggies (even more so if they are cheaper). We also tried out the Woolworths Select nappies which were ok, but do leak if you do not change them often. We did buy the Toys'R'Us and Aldi nappies, but they were way too big for him, but at the rate he is growing we will be using hem very soon!

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