Friday 17 November 2017

An Ode to my red Golf GTI

Today is the last time I drove my red Golf GTI
My cars are family members, and I don’t want to say goodbye
Such fun to drive for the past seven years
Parting ways has brought me to tears

The GTI is fun, the GTI is fast!
Driving it was such as blast!
Turbocharged, awesome transmission!
Sticks to the tarmac, beats corners into submission!

For my boys this has always been Dad’s car
They love my red Golf that they can spot from afar
Always asking are we there yet?
Rides in this car they won’t forget

But after seven years it’s time for a change
So my car ownership I must rearrange
However, today is not about sadness, in fact I’m most keen
To add a new family member: an Octavia wagon of colour most green!

It has been two months since my last post. While I do have a couple of posts in various stages of draft, it was more fun (and quicker) to write a post about my GTI. 

I'm really really picky about my cars, so I tend to really like my cars when I do choose one. This GTI was on another level though and it was so good in many respects it made the next car very hard to choose. Its funny though, I wasn't originally going to get a GTI. My last care was a Golf GT Sport (pre-cursor to the diesel GTI - the GTD) so I had decided on changing it for a new model Golf GTD. At the time the GTD was on a 6 month waiting list so the dealer offered me the GTI at the same price. After thinking for approximately 1.243 seconds I went for the GTI. 

I have truly loved owning and driving this car. However,  it was time for a change and I decided not just to get the newest GTI and go for something different. But my review of the new car is for another blog post... 

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