Tuesday 10 April 2007

Playing with Google's My Maps

I had a bit of a play with Google's new My Maps over the Easter long weekend and I created a couple of my own maps. In essence My Maps allows you to create a web mashup of photos and placemarkers on a map (which can also be exported to Google Earth). Previously you had to do know a bit about javascript to add these to your website. Here are the links to our NZ 2007 and USA 2006 trips. Eventually I will put links to these on our photos pages, I am still working on an update to the website and I will do this as a part of that (hopefully later on this week).

Whilst this stuff is cool, I would still like to see a one very useful addition. I would like to be able to copy directions to become lines on the map (these are tedious to create, hence why there are only 2 for NZ). This can be done in Google Earth, however, you cannot import this back into the Maps (another feature perhaps!).

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