Thursday 5 April 2007

Stuff from this week #3

Stuff from this week is coming early this week due to Easter :)

Big news. In fact if this had come out on April 1st instead of 2nd, no one would have believed it! EMI and Apple have announced that EMIs catalog will be available DRM free from the iTunes Store in May. Individual songs will cost more, however they will also be double the quality of the old ones (256K AAC instead of 128K). See this transcript of a Q&A with Steve and EMI boss Eric Nicoli and also a bit more info from Gizmodo.

Make a webpage look like MS Word!

List of April Fools Day 2007 pranks/jokes on Wikipedia. However the snake that escaped in Google's New York offices was not a joke!

The TGV train has set a speed record of 574 km/h. However, I don't think you will see this as a regular occurrence just yet. This was with an experimental TGV with twin superchargers and on a part of the new track between Paris and Strasbourg which has been specially reinforced.

Apple released the 8-core MacPro which is an extra $AUD2500 above the standard 4-core machine.

Wondering what Brett Lee is up to since he is not part of the World Cup? He is training up for his post cricket career in Bollywood.

Update #1: You can now create your own maps in Google Maps and share them! Cool!

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