Tuesday 13 September 2011

The birthday party virus

We had planned a Sesame Street themed birthday for Jeremy's 2nd birthday, we had even borrowed some great backyard toys from the toy library. Unfortunately things did not go to plan!

The full photo album is available via the following link: June to mid September 2011

On Friday afternoon (both of us had the day off work) Ruby and I were busy getting ready for Jeremy's birthday party the following day. Ruby had already baked cupcakes and the birthday cake. My parents brought Jeremy home from daycare and told us that daycare thought he had hand, foot and mouth disease (no not the animal one!). We quickly found out it was very contagious to little kids and had to quickly ring all the other parents to cancel the party the following day.

Jeremy still had a great birthday. He did have to visit the doctor confirm he was sick, besides he likes the doctor as he knows she has a supply of jelly beans/babies. He had lots of spots on his legs, but apart from that he was ok (he had lost his appetite a few days earlier - but that was certainly back). He had great fun opening presents and we did have a small family party that night.

Looking back the last couple of months have been busy, well at least is seems that way! We finally cleaned up our guest room to serve as Noodle's nursery (until Noodle can move into Jeremy's room - hopefully). We also bought a new cupboard for the kids as Jeremy's old one was mine from uni days and was not suitable and really falling to bits.

We also had a dryer installed as I figure there will be a lot more washing with Noodle's arrival.

Now we are just waiting for Noodle to arrive...Tomorrow!

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Anne At Home said...

Good luck tomorrow! Will be thinking of you all and waiting by the phone/mobile/computer/TV:) etc for the good news. Lots of love to you all Annex

Anonymous said...

All the best for tomorrow/today to both of you!
Kind regards,