Wednesday 25 February 2009

Codename: Cashew

Big news! I am going to be a Dad!!

That's right, Ruby is pregnant with our first child and now that we are past the 12 week mark I can tell everyone. Why 12 weeks? This is mainly due to the risk of a miscarriage is greatly reduced after that time (though we did let immediate family and a few close friends know easrlier). Also, we had an ultrasound on Monday so now I have some pictures to show off!

Ruby already reckons that it looks like me!

The reason for the ultrasound was a Nuchal scan which is normally done at 12 weeks to check for the risk of Downs syndrome. The good news is we have a reduced risk (now 1 in 2000 as opposed to 1 in 400 before the scan).

Oh and "cashew" is what we started calling the baby back when we first found out Ruby was pregnant and the name has kinda stuck (though I have suggested others...).

I was wrapped with the ultrasound. Just seeing our little cashew waving and bouncing about was nothing short of amazing (and yes we do have a video of this).

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Brad said...


I think you should stick with cashew!