Saturday 3 May 2008

U2 3D

Back on Sunday 13th April we went to Sydney's IMAX to see U2 3D.  Being a big U2 fan (so yes this article will be biased!) I was excited to see this film, especially as this was billed as you getting the best seat in the house.  I also wanted to see how this compared to the actual Vertigo concert that we went to in Sydney in late 2006.  I was worried that it would be like all the concert films/DVDs I have seen which I find to be a bit lacking and nothing like going to the real concert.  I much prefer to listen to them than watch.  Well in this case I was not disappointed. You certainly get the best seat in the house as well as get to be up on stage with the band all within the one song.  The 3D effects are not cheesy or overused (certainly not like ones I have seen where you get the red and blue cardboard glasses).  In fact, you get used to the 3D really quickly and almost forget its there.

So was it like going to a real U2 concert? Well yes and no. On one hand the sound was great and you do feel like you were there.  Additionally for us since this was on opening weekend so we had to line up for 30 mins so we could get good seats, so that made it feed a bit like a real concert.  However, it was actually easier to go to than a concert as we did not have to line up for as long! For Zoo TV and Vertigo we lined up for 6 hours or so just to get good spots!  Also, I was not deaf at the end with ringing in my ears for several days afterwoods.  Not that there was any problem with the sound being too quiet! 

There was a problem with some idiots in front of us who kept getting up to get drinks or food (why I don't know as the film only went for 85 mins!) But the really funny reason why it felt most unlike a concert was it was a bit cold.  Normally you get really hot at a concert, but here since we were in an air conditioned theatre it actually felt cold at the end of the concert!  Lastly (and this is more from a fan perspective) I found the concert to be too short and I would have like to have seen the full setlist.  I really liked the Zoo Station / The Fly combination at both the Zoo TV and Vertigo tours and was really disappointed that Zoo Station was omitted.

So, even with a few faults I would highly recommend going to see U2 3D, even if you are not a U2 fan.  This is an excellent showcase of the 3D technology and I hope more bands and filmakers use this in the future.  We will be going again :)

Lastly if you are interested in more details of this, Wikipedia has an excellent write up of how they did the concert and the history behind it.

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